About Me

Hello friends,

My name is Chantha Thach aka @chantsboomboom. I moved to New York City 11 years ago. Long story short I fell in love with a trainer and dated him for 2 years. I discovered he was cheating on me, and that he had two full on relationships with myself and another woman. I was devasted. I had no choice but to get out and heal myself.

I  wanted my ex-boyfriend back and I was heart broken. I needed self empowerment. I decided to get in the best shape of my life. I signed up for a gym.  I started to train for myself, I had a friend who was competing in a body building show and I was inspired by her dedication to herself. I decided to find a coach and pursue bodybuilding. I told my coach I wanted three things; to look good naked, win first place and most importantly self empowerment.

After 8 months of being persistent,  working hard and believing in myself, I took home 4 trophies. I had won first and overall in 2 catagories. That was the begining of chantsboomboom. I got nationally qualifed and I went to Miami to compete.  I remember placing 16th place at my first national show. It was last place but it was a national show. I said to myself everybody should feel this good about themselves. I returned to New York, and decided to quit my Fashion Design job and I became a personal trainer. 

I worked for a corporate gym for 3 1/2 years. I worked open to closed everyday and was a top trainer the whole time there. I decided to leave when I saw that the company didnt appreciate me for who I was and what I was doing there, instead I was just number surpassing multiple goals for the club.

April 1, 2018. I decided to leave my corporate gym and  started my own personal business as an indepednent trainer. My goal was to make six figures for myself, and no longer giving all that money to a company that didnt appreciate me.

April 1, 2019. I celebrated a succssesful first year being an independent trainer with 25 clients. I knew the possiblites of chanthsboomboom were going to be endless.

In result of pursuing a happy life, I am now the first  New York  Sweaty Betty ambasador  for Tribeca area. I have an establish and sucessful fashion brand sponsoring me, where I have an opportunity to educate and help empower woman through fitness just like I did for myself. I get to set my own scedule, train clients and live each day helping others feel better.

The moment I chose myself after the breakup, I lived my life with my HEART ON.